A Festa Junina: The Brazilian June Party

         The Festa Junina is the second biggest and most loved Brazilian Festival. It happens in the month of June, which inspires the name "Junina". This celebration came from Europe with the Portuguese, and it rapidly became part of the Brazilian culture, which lead to the integration of Indian and African culture to be more present to the festival. The Festa Junina celebrates the culture of the "sertanejos", so people listen to "Forró" (a Brazilian music genre).

This Festa Junina has specific games, such as the "Casamento Caipira", a role playing game, on which they role play a marriage with a pregnant bride. There is the "Correio Elegante", a practice on which people write love letters and ask for them to be sent to their crush. And there also is the "Dança da Quadrilha", a typical dance from this festival.

The Festa Junina decoration is the most recognizable characteristic of the party, with Banderoles, Balloons and, to make it perfect, a Bonfire is made. Another typical characteristic is the food, a Festa Junina can’t be complete without Corn, Hot-Dog, "Pamonha", "Canjica", "Paçoca" and, to drink, a "Quentão".

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