In order to provide a effective and high quality courses, the Oyama Foreign Languages School encourages the professional and academic enhancement of its teachers (In Brazil and Japan). The School's teachers elaborate as a team pedagogic projects and materials adapted to the Brazilian educational reality by periodically reviewing, selecting and enhancing complementary materials to language education. The School also offers extra-curricular activities such as Tandem, choir, shodo and intercultural meetings between Japanese and Portuguese students.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Extracurricular Activities

    In addition to teaching languages, the Oyama Foreign Languages School also offers: Choir singing course: the art of the music in Japanese as well as in Portuguese; Shodo Course: calligraphy art with the brush; Tandem Program: existing…

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  • Portuguese Course

    Portuguese Course

    For the foreign students, the Oyama Foreign Languages School offers private classes, from basic to advanced Portuguese language level. On top of us adopting didactic books to teaching Portuguese as a foreign language, we use elaborated pedagogic material,…

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  • Japanese Course

    Japanese Course

    In the Oyama Foreign Languages School, we use an individual method for learning in the Japanese course, respecting the pace of each student. The Course ranges from basic to advanced, it is offered for adults and adolescents and…

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