Japanese Course

In the Oyama Foreign Languages School, we use an individual method for learning in the Japanese course, respecting the pace of each student.

The Course ranges from basic to advanced, it is offered for adults and adolescents and the classes are composed of a small number of students (at most 8 students).

Our pedagogic material is a result of profound research, from the selection of material until its application, being composed by dramatization techniques and playful activities that allow for a more dynamic and efficient learning process.

Our methods are based on the concept that language and culture are inseparable. That is why our classes privilege the development of the four language abilities − listening comprehension, interpretation, oral and written expression. On top of that, we facilitate expositions about the Japanese culture, integrating language and costumes in the process of teaching/learning.

This way, we offer the necessary support for our students to become fluent in the use of the language and familiarized with the Japanese socio-cultural aspects.

Lastly, we prepare our students to take the proficiency tests and to the competitions and contests related to the Japanese  scholarships. We also offer exclusive classes envisioning the preparation to the Japanese work market.

Watch a video about our Japanese Course:

Classes and Schedule

Day of the Week*Times*
Monday and Wednesday 14h to 16h; 19h to 21h.
Tuesday and Thursday 9h to 11h; 14h to 16h; 19h to 21h.
Friday 14h to 16h.
Saturday 9h to 12h; 14h to 17h.

*Flexible times: the student will be able to compose his/her schedule according to their own availability and willingness.

The student has the right of replacing the classes he/she missed. 


Class material developed by the school.

As a result of incessant and intensive research, the Nihongo Nyumon is an example of material to teach the Japanese language that is adapted to the Brazilian educational reality.

Through a dynamic structure and exclusive design, the material allows for an easy content memorization and learning in parallel the writing and grammar, speeding the development of skills in the Japanese language.

The material also has an audio CD containing the dialogs and vocabularies presented in the book, allowing the student to develop good conversation performance and correct pronunciation since the beginning of the learning process.



Opcional Programs

Tandem Program: direct programmed interaction with Japanese students that are learning Portuguese, with the intent of practicing conversation and intercultural exchange.


Private Classes

In order to accelerate the process of learning or improving specific contents, we offer private classes in a time chosen by the student, at the school, home or workplace.

New Classes

For those who want to learn Japanese, it is possible to form a new group/class in a new time, as long as there is a minimum of 5 students enrolled in the class.

Agreements for discounts.


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  • Federal Technological University of Paraná
  • PUC – PR
  • Positivo Group
  • Unicenp
  • Denso do Brasil
  • Furukawa
  • J-TEK
  • Kayaba
  • Nissan do Brasil
  • OAB
  • Renault
  • Copel
  • Sumitomo Rubber do Brasil

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