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颜  栋宇 , 中國, 葡萄牙語的學生


The Oyama School of Foreign Languages offers quality lessons by great professors for foreigners.  Each lesson is a private lesson and with a different professor each time, letting the student to learn more from various professors.

I have been studying here for only 6 months, but can already speak well.  The school is great and definitely the best language school in the city.

Dongi Yan, Chinese, Portuguese Student


清水義昭, 日本人, ポルトガル語 語学研修生


>Oyama is definitely a great school because there are many teachers of various backgrounds which enables diverse lessons.  The teachers are very friendly therefore lessons are very relaxed, sometimes the teachers seem to be more of a friend than a teacher.  Also it is great that lessons can be done inside and outside of the classroom.  The school also offers connections to Brazilian families that are capable of welcoming students from abroad and actually live with a local family, gives assistance with the opening of bank accounts and medical assistance such as going to the hospital with the student whenever in need.  I think the reason why I fell in love with the city of Curitiba is because of my experiences in Oyama.

Yoshiaki Shimizu, Japanese, Portuguese Student


平野, 日本人, ポルトガル語 語学研修生


I spent two years studying Portuguese in Oyama.  Due to the type of my work with politicians and government officials here in Brasil, I needed to learn the formal use of the Portuguese language.  And with the help of various teachers and the experiences I had in Oyama, what I learned back then is very useful in my work today.

Susumu Hirano, Japanese, Portuguese Student


遠田 洋平, 日本人, ポルトガル語 語学研修生


The most appealing aspects of Oyama are:


  1. the atmosphere close to home,
  2. the selection of pleasant professors, and
  3. the lessons of high quality.

The school offers not only the Portuguese language written in the textbooks, but teaches language needed in the daily life.  I think the time spent at Oyama was a great learning experience and a quality time of life because the time at school becomes a part of you life.

Yohei Enda, Japanese, Portuguese Student